If you thought the fans were bad about spoilers for ‘The Walking Dead‘ than you’ve got to get a load of what AMC has started doing about what they consider to be the problem. The network has apparently greatly heightened its “no tolerance” policy when it comes to the smash hit series and has started to heavily lean on the fan and spoiler site known as ‘The Spoiling Dead Fans’ and its social media sites.

While the site has had riffs with the studio in the past, a DMCA takedown notice hit them on Facebook which actually had their group’s page completely locked down for all actions short of deleting comments and banning users. This was a 3-day ban for the site to get things sorted out but AMC didn’t stop there as they also went after the forum’s Twitter and Tumblr pages.

With the Season 6 finale dropping this weekend it should come as no surprise that they are wanting to keep any potential spoilers down to a minimum. Especially as they are where the rumor of how the finale is set to end and probably anger half of the viewers out there had originated from.

There is a lot on the line with the finale and executive producer Dave Alpert has previously had advice for what viewers should bring to the finale and that is:

“I suggest diapers and tissues. Diapers and tissues.”

Of course, for the many that don’t know what is going to happen , Alpert states:

“I am so excited to see the horrified faces on all my co-workers when I walk into the office Monday morning, because people are going to be losing their minds. This weekend’s episode is going to melt the internet.”

With expectations that high is it any wonder that AMC would be trying to lock down any spoilers that could pop up.

Are you looking forward to this season’s finale for ‘The Walking Dead’? What are your thoughts on spoiler sites and a company’s legality on taking them down? Get your Internet Lawyer groove on in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend