Zachary Levi Declares Which He Liked Starring In Better, 'Shazam!' Or The 'Thor' Movies

Zachary Levi has spoken and making Warner Brothers’ ‘Shazam!’ was more fun than making Disney’s ‘Thor’ movies!  Levi has gone on the record to defuse the idea that there is a rivalry between the DC and Marvel movies, publicly defending Disney/Marvel’s ‘Captain Marvel’ when it debuted just weeks before ‘Shazam!’, when supposed DC fans began bombarding the Marvel flick with negative reviews.


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But while attending MegaCon in Orlando, he was asked which movie was more fun to make.  He was somewhat diplomatic, rhetorically asking, “Everything’s a competition, isn’t it?”  But let’s face it, he had very little screen time as swordsman Fandral in ‘Thor: The Dark World’, and barely appeared in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ before his character was unceremoniously killed off.  On the other hand, he was the star of ‘Shazam!’, and it was very clear from the finished film that he had a BLAST making this movie.

As he continued:

“Well, I mean, I had more fun working for DC. I mean, I got to be my own superhero with DC, bro. It was super cool that I was cast, although I wasn’t able to do the first Thor, I was cast in that by Kenneth Branagh, who I think is an incredible talent.


“This is so dope, and we had some fun, but we didn’t really do all that much.  I mean, anyone who saw the movie, you should know, they didn’t really go that direction with the movie, so I didn’t have that much to do. So, I couldn’t possibly have had as much fun as going and being my own guy, who by the way, again, is a 14-year-old in a superhero adult body. The fun and funny and joy and heart, and everything that comes from a premise like that… that’s a fun movie!


“I’m so grateful that I get to do stuff like that, so yeah, DC… for life!”

Literally!  Fandral was straight-up killed, and not dusted by Thanos.  So he won’t be back.  But plans are already underway for a ‘Shazam!’ sequel, and there could always be more.

Did you prefer Zachary Levi in ‘Shazam!’ or the ‘Thor’ movies?

‘Shazam!’ will be available to blow up your Blu-ray player on July 16th!