Tales from the Crypt

While we’ve known that TNT would be bringing back ‘Tales From the Crypt‘ with M. Night Shyamalan (‘Wayward Pines’,’The Sixth Sense’) at the helm we hadn’t heard many other details about this reboot. As things go with an anthology series like this, it didn’t have to be thought of as a reboot though it sounds like Shyamalan is going to put a different twist on the series. While some changes from the original HBO’s format might happen we’ve just learned some further details about what to expect.

First and foremost there has been a lot of questions as to if the infamous Crypt Keeper would be making an appearance in this version as he was a staple in both the original EC comics as well as the HBO series where he was a Kevin Yagher puppet with John Kassir doing the voice. No more need to worry here as when asked about there being a chance of everyone’s favorite showing up in the series, at Wondercon 2016 he simply stated:

“There will.”

While a bit vague on the answer he was a little more forthcoming with other details about the show. Another grey area was the format but if you were hoping for a season long ‘American Horror Story‘ styled story arcs, it’s time to be disappointed:

“You know, I can’t say 100% but I’m thinking right now, where I am, if you’d asked me this six months ago I would have a different answer, but where I am right now it’s more individual Black Mirror kind of stuff right now.”

While it sounds like that isn’t set in stone quite yet, fans of the original series and comics can now rejoice. I know that I’ll be. I feel with ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Scream Queens’ that the quota for season long story arcs are filled, but a scare of the week is exactly what I’d like to see if he’s able to make this successful. Not only that but with a half to one hour format, there is less of a chance that things can go wrong.

One would hope.

While we still don’t know how long each episode will be, TNT and TBS executive Kevin Reilly also mentioned that the original EC Comics would be utilized so there might be some classic stories making an appearance on the small screen. Or at least, modern day interpretations of them.

Are you looking forward to a return of ‘Tales From the Crypt’ or do you worry that being on TNT or being helmed by M. Night Shyamalan might not be what this show needs? Happy to hear that some of the original source material might end up being used? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr