This episode returns with a commercial airline pilot chatting it up with his co-pilot. After a shocking electrical surge in his eyes appears, his vision becomes blurry and distorted.

Meanwhile, Myka waxes over her responsibilities in the warehouse as she prepares herself for “a day’s work”. Around the breakfast table at the bed & breakfast, Myka jumps back into her partnership with Pete, as she demonstrates her ability to discern Pete’s speech with his mouth full.

The new guy, Steve Jinks, is teamed with the exuberant Claudia Donovan. Meanwhile, a doctor, about to perform a delicate surgery is afflicted by the same strange phenomenon as the pilot.

Alison Scagliotti and Saul Rubinek

Claudia and Jinks attend an auction in hopes of recovering an artifact, while Pete and Myka check in on the afflicted Doctor, who appears to have regressed in maturity, back into her teenage years!

Myka seems to think Pete is holding something back from her in regards to her leaving the warehouse before… but getting a straight answer out of Pete Lattimer? Nearly impossible!

Pete discovers that the pilot and doctor both had something in common; they both ate at the same restaurant where it seems, a murder of a young woman has taken place as well. Pete talks to an employee at the restaurant, while Myka checks in on the Pilot.

Claudia and Jinks are in a stake out to discover who stole the artifact they just bid on at the auction. In a most uncomfortable conversation, Steve Jinks let’s Claudia know that he was, in fact, not hitting on her. When she expresses her disbelief of this, he then informs her that he is gay. Claudia’s uncomfortable reaction is quite hilarious!

Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks

Claudia discovers that after the suspect attempts to elude them, Artie was apparently keeping a close eye on her first case. This obviously does not go well and Claudia storms off.

Back in the hospital, Pete exhibits the same affliction, much to Myka’s horror. At Pete’s bedside in a very despairing scene, Myka realizes what it is that Pete didn’t want to talk to her about.

Artie redeems himself by taking off in a rush and letting Claudia work on her own, saying he trusts her. Myka discovers that the artifact causing the afflictions was Walter Winchell’s cufflinks and tie tack, so Leena directs Myka to the cufflinks that will cure the ones hit by the artifact. Pete, along with the rest, is returned to normal.  Myka takes that opportunity to apologize to him for leaving, and lets him know she understands what he has endured, strengthening their relationship even further.