westworld-poster-hboHBO does not have much time left to get people excited for the premiere of ‘Westworld,’ though they might not need to worry all that much as the show has already gained a lot of hype due to the marketing campaign and the clips and promos it has already deployed. Already folks are wondering if this is the show that will replace the mighty ‘Game of Thrones’ when it comes to a close in 2018, and with creative forces like JJ Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, and Lisa Joy behind the scenes, there is a good chance this might indeed be the next big thing for HBO. And with the series mapped out for a few seasons and with a definitive end game already planned, if it all works, the show will be very different from your average television series nowadays, in that they will end it (hopefully) on a high note, and not drag it out just to keep it on the air.

The series promises to delve into what it really means to be human, and what artificial intelligence interacting with humanity in this pseudo-realistic world might look like, giving us glimpses into the consciousness of the robots who were created for our amusement but are beginning to gain their own sentience. It is a tough sell to do a show with that many thought provoking questions and keep it entertaining for the audience, but the show also promises a lot of action in its old west setting, and some stunning visuals as we can see from the promos, trailers and clips already released.

The new featurette features interviews from Abrams and members of the cast like Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden, speaking about the philosophies behind the show and how excited they are for others to experience it. The new clip features a brief moment between Wood’s character and  Thandie Newton’s Maeve Millay discussing their strange memories of past lives and traumatic experiences, neither fully understanding what exactly they are.

Are you excited for the ‘Westworld’ premiere this weekend? Do you think it will manage to live up to the hype? Could anything really replace ‘Game of Thrones?’ Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Screenrant

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