Fox’s ‘Gambit’ movie hasn’t had an easy time getting made.  After actor Channing Tatum expressed interest in the lead role, the studio began developing a movie around him, but found a hard time finding a director.  ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ helmer Rupert Wyatt was attached but then quickly departed the project.  Now ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ director Doug Liman is attached, but has taken on another project that has once again pushed ‘Gambit’, which Tatum will also produce, back.

Photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /
Photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

First, Liman has called for a new script from Reid Carolin, which has delayed ‘Gambit’ which was originally slated to be released this year.  In the meantime, Liman has taken on a project for Amazon Studios called ‘The Wall’.  The film is described as a psychological thriller about two snipers.  The script for ‘The Wall’ comes courtesy of Dwain Worrell, who submitted the treatment blindly when he learned Amazon was accepting open submissions.

This movie appears to be a low-budget affair, so Liman plans to have it completely shot by summer, after which time he will return to developing ‘Gambit’ for Fox.

In the meantime, Carolin, who is Tatum’s production partner and the writer of Tatum’s two ‘Magic Mike’ movies, is scripting what is described as a “sexy heist thriller.”  (Although, if you saw either of the ‘Magic Mike’ movies, you may be startled to discover someone actually wrote scripts for them.)

Liman already has another Tom Cruise movie in the can, ‘Mena’ about a CIA agent and a drug runner who get trapped in the South, set in the 1980s.  That movie is due to be released in January 2017.

Fox meanwhile, is looking to cash in on the success they had with ‘Deadpool‘ with a sequel currently in development.  The studio also, of course, has ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ due this summer, with more Marvel mutant movies in the works.

Will the wait be worth it?  Are you anxiously awaiting a ‘Gambit’ movie?

Source: Collider

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