The first thing Micheal Dorn addressed when he took the stage at Starfest 2016 was whether or not Worf was going to get a spin-off series, which has been a topic of much excitement among Trekkers and sci-fi fans.

His much beloved character Worf has been in the most ‘Star Trek’ episodes than any other character, from seven seasons of ‘The Next Generation’, four on ‘Deep Space Nine’, to the movies (even shoehorning him when he technically wasn’t on the Enterprise crew anymore), so it’s no surprise fans were giddy about the idea of a Worf spin-off. In 2012, news of a possible Worf-centric series broke leaving large waves across the social media sphere. As recently as 2014, Dorn had responded in an interview with that they were just waiting for a yes or no from Paramount.

At the convention, he prefaced his statement on the series that it didn’t have a happy ending. He told the audience that it had been promising that show might come into a fruition a few times, and the last time the project was pulled because the new movies had come out.

But, can we expect some Worf cameos in the new show? Sadly, probably not. From what Dorn knew of the new TV series, it would be taking place in the alternate timeline created by the movies, so he didn’t see there being much chance of Worf appearing in the show. But, it’s sci-fi, so he thought there were ways to get around that.

The good news is that we may see Dorn in a science fiction show that is very Roddenberry-esque in the near future, though he did not give the show a name. As soon as learns more, we’ll be sure to share the news! Stay tuned!