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When it was announced last month that Hayley Atwell would be leading the upcoming ABC legal drama ‘Conviction’, the chances of a third season for ‘Agent Carter’ seemed slim. Paired with the news that the post-WWII era Marvel Cinematic Universe series wasn’t drawing the best ratings this season, things really didn’t look good. But just as Peggy Carter has fearlessly stared down insurmountable odds in the past, the show’s star remains cautiously optimistic during this very uncertain time for everyone’s favorite SSR agent.

While speaking to Comic Book Resources ahead of the Season Two finale, Atwell shared that she isn’t really thinking about another adventure in the MCU right now. Instead, she’s focusing on all the good things to come from the first two seasons of the show, including all the great people that she met. However, she does have an inkling of an idea that if another season were ordered, the actress would be able to honor both of her commitments to ABC at the same time:

“It’s something I’ve tried not to entertain too much. There is a chance, from what I know, if both shows get picked up, I’ll be doing both. Until I know one way or the other, I can’t jump for joy or grieve.The main thing I do have is the memories of two seasons of incredibly fulfilling and fun work, with a group of people that have come to be my friends and that I still speak to, especially James D’Arcy and Dominic Cooper. They are part of my personal life, and I find that very moving, that I could do a show like this and develop really good relationships with people. I’ll always have that, if the network decides not to move forward with it. And if it does, it’s great because I get to do it all over again, and even attempt to outdo myself with how much more fun I could possibly have in the third season. Either way, I’m looking at both outcomes as very positive ones, with a zen-like mentality of ‘What will be, will be.’”

Amidst all the fans freaking out about that crazy cliffhanger ending of Season Two, that’s definitely a good way for the star to approach the future of ‘Agent Carter’. But she’s also not opposed to continuing Peggy’s story somewhere else like ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ or some other corner of the Marvel Universe:

“It’s not something I would rule out if it felt like it was relevant or important to their story, or if it put Peggy in an interesting light and gave me a challenge I hadn’t done before. Likewise, if I got asked to do any part of Marvel film or TV. It’s always a delight to go back and work with the Marvel family. They are a passionate bunch of people and really lovely.”

Whether it be a third season of ‘Agent Carter’ on ABC, a storyline in another Marvel show, another Marvel One-Shot, or a comic book tie-in, True Believers hope to see more of Peggy Carter in the future. But as we wait to learn her fate, share your thoughts on the season two finale or the second season as a whole in the comments below.