"The Dead Are Already Here" In The Next 'Game Of Thrones' Episode

Winter has come in the eighth and final season of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ and the trailer for the third episode should have fans chilled. Not only has the Night King brought his frozen army of the undead for The North to fight but this has been billed as one of the greatest and longest fight sequences to have ever been filmed in any medium. The second episode let us move forward with some of the characters and saw how many of our survivors are preparing for what could be the last battle they will ever partake in, and now the action is on.


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While fans were all smacking their foreheads that the women and children were always being told that the crypts under Winterfell would be the safest place in a battle against an enemy who can bring the dead back to life, we’re all eager to see how things are going to be playing out.

You can check out the trailer for the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ right here!


There is so much to enjoy about this trailer! After the last episode the newly knighted Ser Brienne of Tarth is showing delivering orders to her men while Sansa inspires the soldiers to war and Jon is deep in the thick of battle. We get a great shot of The Unsullied preparing to do battle, and one can’t help but think we’ll see a fantastic fight when the most skilled warriors the world has ever seen go to war. While we see Theon nocking a flaming arrow, there are no visuals on Bran here. The last of the Starks to mention is Arya who is seen running through empty halls of Winterfell as we had already seen in the trailer for the season.


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Other standouts are both Beric and The Hound in a corridor, Daenerys sharing that “The dead are already here,” a dragon which looked to be the now undead one from the brief glimpse getting ready to fight, but otherwise it is just quick flashes of the significant characters who are preparing for battle.

It is highly unlikely that we’ll see all of our heroes survive the upcoming fight and if this will even be the end of the big battle with The Night King. This is going to be an exciting episode not only from an extended 82-minute run time but with having taken weeks to film at night according to multiple interviews with the cast and crew.

What stood out most for you from this trailer of next week’s ‘Game of Thrones’? Who do you think will survive the most epic fight filmed for the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!