It’s the face off many fans have been waiting for – Daredevil vs the Punisher and from the looks of the Season 2 trailer for ‘Daredevil,’ the wait was worth it!

Ever since it was announced that the Punisher would be a key character in the sophomore season of the series, a lot of buzz has been generated. After a not so stellar cinematic presence, it was hoped that this reiteration of the character would actually do him justice – and it does!

The trailer basically sets the tone up for Season 2 introducing the Punisher by allowing him to be the narrative voice of what we see. We find out not only his motivation in his actions but also how he is indirectly connected to Daredevil. Jon Bernthal’s take on this anti-hero is unapologetic as he conveys his disdain for Daredevil as someone who only goes half-way when it comes to cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen from the scum who roam the city – something he doesn’t quite understand. While The Man Without Fear is someone who won’t cross the line when it comes to his brand of vigilante, Frank Castle has no problems doling out the killing blow to take out those he feels deserves his brand of punishment. He then taunts Daredevil’s reluctance by telling him he’s one bad day away from being him. This version of the Punisher seems very close to his comic counterpart which should please a lot of Marvel fans and clearly shows why Netflix has greenlit his own series.

As an added bonus, the trailer has its own post-closing title scene where Matt Murdock arrives home to find Elektra (Elodie Yung) on his couch. Apparently today’s trailer was only Part 1 of the ‘Daredevil’ series tease with Part 2 (which seems will be the focus on Elektra) coming online on Feb. 25th.

And just in case you missed it, here’s the synopsis of the season which teases that Matt Murdock will not only be physically struggling as a superhero but will once again wrestle with some moral choices:

Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle and face an old flame – Elektra Natchios. Bigger problems emerge when Frank Castle, a man looking for vengeance, is reborn as The Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands in Matt’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, Matt must balance his duty to his community as a lawyer and his dangerous life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, facing a life-altering choice that forces him to truly understand what it means to be a hero.

Marvel and Netflix have definitely upped the ante with Season 2! Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Season 2 of ‘Daredevil’ will hit Netflix on March 18 with all 13 episodes available for our binge viewing pleasure.