Even before ‘Deadpool’ opened and assassinated the box office, 20th Century Fox had greenlit a sequel.  And as of now, it’s all but guaranteed that the second movie will feature the time-traveling cyborg mutant Cable, if for no other reason, than to set up an ‘X-Force’ movie.

And while actors often lobby for big name roles, that doesn’t always pan out for any number of reasons.  Then again, ‘Deadpool’ got made based pretty much strictly on the fact that Ryan Reynolds wanted it to happen.  (‘Gambit’ with Channing Tatum attached got approved in a similar fashion.)

But with ‘Deadpool’ having only been out for days, one actor is already throwing his hat into the ring to play Cable in the sequel.  Silver-haired muscle daddy Stephen Lang, best known for playing the villainous role of Miles Quartitch in ‘Avatar‘ and the semi-villainous role of Nathaniel Taylor on the short-lived sci fi series ‘Terra Nova‘ on FOX, wants to play Cable and is making that quite well-known on social media.

The studly DILF was already pretty rock hard– I mean in the amazing CGI world of ‘Avatar’ he still managed to draw attention as a live action person– but he seems to be working out even harder to attain the massive physique of the comic book character, designed by Rob Liefeld, known for his… exaggerated body forms.

Check out Lang’s Cable workouts below:

The busy Lang has works steadily in recent years and was last seen as Waldo on AMC’s futuristic martial arts series ‘Into The Badlands’.  Despite his character being killed off in ‘Avatar’, Lang is signed on to reprise his role in the three upcoming ‘Avatar’ sequels.

Honestly, Lang would be perfect to play Cable.  He’s the right age, has the right general appearance and as his past roles have shown, the intensity.  He’s completely engaging in everything I’ve seen him in.  And he WANTS it!  He’s completely putting it out there!  If Ryan Reynolds says he wants to make a ‘Deadpool’ movie and they bite, why not jump at this opportunity?

What do you think?  Would you like to see Lang as Cable?  Or do you have a better suggestion?

Source: Comic Book Movie