While shopping at Target, one parent spied some new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ pool toys and was struck by the peculiar shape of these dive sticks.  With their long slender shafts and rounded, helmet-shaped… uh… heads, this parent thought they looked a bit more like… well, another kind of toy.  Ones for adults.  Specifically ladies.


A Target representative named Stacey promptly responded with an apology, writing:

“Hi Joni – We apologize for your disappointment. Occasionally, we carry merchandise that some guests may find objectionable, as was your experience. We never want to offend anyone and have shared this with our Merchandise team for review. Thanks. – Stacey”

For her part, Jones clarified her earlier post, stating:

“It was assumed by most that I was offended, in all actuality I posted because I found it funny & wanted to share with fellow ADULTS who could appreciate the humor in the whole thing.”

At least she wasn’t complaining that there was no Rey, so Swimways (the manufacturer of these toys, NOT Hasbro) was probably just happy about that.  (Besides, there is a Captain Phasma.)

While the figural toys may cause an adult to think certain things, looking at the other set, which features ships from the movie… well, OUCH!

In all seriousness, these are dive sticks that children throw and then swim after. Here is the official product description:

StarWarsSwimways2Star Wars Dive Characters from SwimWays are a 3-pack of officially licensed 3-D molded dive sticks featuring characters from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode 7) movie! These fun water toys are great for swim practice to encourage new swimmers, or to play with out of the pool on a rainy day. Not just for little kids, these Star Wars characters make a great gift for the Star Wars collector, too! Three characters in every pack, one each of Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and Stormtrooper.

However, humorous or not, it seems Target took what they saw as a complaint seriously as it appears they have been removed from their website.

So, if you wanted these particular novelties, it may be too late.

Guess, you’ll just have to use the Force.

Source: The Nerdy Birdy