‘The Avengers’:

When Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ opened in limited overseas markets last week, it immediately established itself as the movie to beat by breaking all kinds of box office records.

Now ‘The Avengers’ has widened its opening to 70% off of the overseas market, that trend is continuing and Marvel’s supehero team-up flick is becoming the film to beat for 2012, already earning $178.4 million for Marvel/Disney so far.

According to Deadline, ‘Avengers’ has opened in the #1 spot in every single market so far. It’s also taken the “highest grossing opening weekend of all time” in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. And it has yet to open in some of the bigger ticket countries like Japan, China, and Russia.

‘The Avengers’ opens here in the US on May 4th (like you didn’t have that date already marked on your calendar) but pre-sales on tickets for the movie are already accounting for over 60% of all pre-sales across the board. Even more astounding is that the pre-sales for ‘Avengers’ are more than every other Marvel movie… combined!

So… check out ‘The Avengers in just 4 short days and then pay us a visit this weekend as our own Ben Silverio reviews the movie.

‘The Hunger Games’:

In other box office news, Lionsgate’s adaptation of Susanne Collins’ ‘The Hunger Games’ has just passed the $600 million mark at the box office and is still going strong. It pulled in over $11 million this past weekend, earning it the #4 spot this week. It was beaten out by ‘Pirates: Band of Misfits’ and the romantic flicks ‘The Lucky One’ and ‘Think Like a Man’. It’ll be interesting to see where the ‘Hunger Games’ ends up once the ‘Avengers’ ransack this coming weekend’s box office. Either way, the movie has had a great run and has left fans both old and new eagerly awaiting the sequel.