deadpool and negasonic teenage warhead

With all of the positive press buzzing around ‘Deadpool‘ (which does not actually come out till Friday), it seems like the movie is going to be making waves in Hollywood, specifically in the superhero genre which has not seen a successful “R” Rated entry into its ranks since the days of the ‘Blade’ movies. And now it seems the studio has enough confidence in the movie and its opening weekend numbers (estimates are that the Reynold’s helmed film will open to 65-70 million, which is phenomenal considering the exceptionally small budget) that they have already greenlighted the sequel, and want to keep the same creative team around to make sure the sequel has the same quality.

Of course, Reynolds is on board as the film and playing the character have been dreams of his since 2005, and alongside him are also writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, both of whom have already begun writing the script for the follow-up. Not signed on just yet is director Tim Miller, but odds are he will be coming back as well, as 20th Century Fox so far has seemed intent on keeping the creative team together for the sequel.

And of course, the sequel will not be alone in using the character of Deadpool, as the studio still has plans to release a ‘New Mutants’ movie around the same time as ‘Deadpool 2,’ which will help create characters and a team for Deadpool to team up with when they eventually get around to making ‘X-Force,’ with all of these movies being spurred into motion now that the studio realizes they have a viable franchise player in Reynold’s Deadpool character. Who knows, he could be the next Hugh Jackman, appearing in every ‘X-Men’ film in cameos just to keep up continuity.

What are your thoughts on ‘Deadpool’ already getting a sequel? Do you think it might be premature as the film has not premiered yet? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter