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One of the more exciting aspects of the upcoming release of ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 is the characters being added to the world of Matt Murdock, especially those with whom he shared classic comic-book arcs in the past. Aside from the Punisher, the most exciting character we are going to see this season is Elektra Natchios, Murdock’s one-time girlfriend and Marvel anti-hero whose presence in the plot always means more complications, twists, and more involvement from the organization she works for, ‘The Hand.’ Of course, fans have been burned by an on-screen Elektra before when she appeared in Ben Affleck’s ‘Daredevil’ film, and then again when she was spun off into her own movie, ‘Elektra,’ both times portrayed by Jennifer Garner, and both times with her writers taking a lot of liberties with the character that the fans did not appreciate. Elektra arguably is at her best in the gray area between hero and villain, playing games and making sure neither Murdock nor the audience really knows where her true loyalties lie, or what she is actually after. The hope is that the Netflix version of the character can stay truer to her comic origins, specifically her original comic appearances when she was created by Frank Miller.

Fortunately, that seems to be exactly what the ‘Daredevil’ folks are going for, keeping Elektra very dark, and not shying away from her eccentric personality. According to the actress portraying Elektra, Elodie Young:

Elodie-Yung-as-Elektra-in-Daredevil-Season-2“We think Elektra is a sociopath. This world is a game for her. It’s like a chess game, and what motivates her is what she wants. She’ll use anything she needs to use to get to her goal, and if she needs to kill people, she will. She has this coldness in her, and I tried to keep that. But on the other hand, we wanted to create a character with different layers. I think Elektra isn’t a bad person, but she’s not a good person. She’s a person with different traits, with layers, and she’s seeking who she is. In this season, there’s an arc to her story. Hopefully, she’ll find we’ll find out who she is, by the end of it.”

What are your thoughts on Yung’s take on the character? Does it sound in line with what you think of as “Elektra?” Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant