We have a bit of a way to go until the summer, but the marketing campaign for Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ looks to be revving up right now. After seeing an assortment of stills and some character posters over the last few months, a few more images have made it online this week. And not only do we get some nice close ups of  Kristen Wiig‘s Erin Gilbert, Melissa McCarthy‘s Abby Yates, Kate McKinnon‘s Jillian Holtzmann, and Leslie Jones‘ Patty Tolan, but their trusty secretary is front and center as well. 

Ghostbusters.com recently released a series of brand new pictures from the upcoming remake of the classic 80s supernatural comedy. Among the shots of the new team in their civilian clothes, we also get our first official look at Chris Hemsworth as Ghostbuster secretary Kevin. Though not much is known about his character right now, it’s hard to believe that the production would cast the Australian actor best known for his time as the Asgardian Avenger Thor for a small role. Then again, I’m sure that not too many people would complain if he was just around as eye candy. Check out all the new pictures in the gallery below:

While stills are all well and good, what we’ve really been waiting for is the first trailer. At five months out, we shouldn’t be getting too impatient, but find solace in the fact that it will be coming our way very soon. According to Feig’s Twitter, apparently the first full trailer will come at the end of the month:

As we anxiously await the first full trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’, what do you think about the latest images of the cast? And how big of a role do you think Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin will have in the film? Let us know in the comments.