Each of the issues for ‘Moon Knight’ seem to not only follow his personalities but character traits as well. In the last issue we saw a combination of psychological horror mixed with the dream scape, fitting for our hero. In the current issue, it is much more of an action packed continuous fight that was more similar to his roots as a US Marine followed by his mercenary adventures in Egypt.

This issue was heavy on action yet with an easy to follow and enjoyable plot. Thinking back, it really feels as if the plot was secondary to the action in this one. Not that the lack of a focus on the plot was bad because there was enough of it to work, and honestly the action was so brilliantly illustrated and enjoyable to see on page you wouldn’t care. You can fully appreciate what is going on but you want to read and see how the fight unfolds on page. You’ll enjoy reading it through quickly for the action and again for all of the little pieces you missed.

One thing that I noticed when I was reading this is that I couldn’t help but be reminded of Tony Jaa’s ‘The Protector’. If you’ve seen the film and loved it you should really appreciate what is in this issue as it completely felt like a tribute to the continuous fight scene Jaa has battling up the building within the film.

Oh wait, after checking Twitter…

‘Raid’ also is a perfectly fitting comparison here! This really was a love letter to the martial arts genre that takes place fighting through a small enclosed area. If I had been told that was the plan ahead of time, I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible to work it on page. I would have been wrong. I love that Ellis can constantly prove me wrong.

Seriously, this issue is a full on beat down that is perfectly illustrated by Declan Shalvey. Ellis is once again on the ball with the dialogue with each little piece of detail that he throws in. From dialogue to weapons to a certain drone at the end, it all just adds up to my favorite issue to date.

We open the issue with Mr. Knight trying to track down a kidnapped girl. Or should I say trying to recover one that he has already tracked down. She is on a six floor building and each level is full of a variety of thugs with an even bigger variety of weapons. It is a pure slug fest and I can’t even imagine how amazing this would on screen. Yes I can. Marvel Cinemaic Universe get this series on HBO! Please!

Once again I have to say if you haven’t been following this series and like the sound of the concept pick it up! Pick up each and every issue as you can’t go wrong.


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey