The last time we here at talked about Rick Remender’s ‘Captain America’, it was with a preview of issue six, but the last review we posted was from issue three. This happened for a number of different reasons. One is that this book often came out with other books that had priority to be reviewed. Another was that I just wasn’t that interested in what was going on enough to write a review for the book. This arc has been going on since December and it still hasn’t wrapped up yet. I’m tired of reading about Steve Rogers in Dimension Z. However, the latest issue gives us a glimpse at the end of the tunnel.

Previously, after raising him as his own son, Ian was recovered by Zola and was brainwashed to kill Captain America. In his mission to save the boy, Steve came across Zola’s daughter Jet and managed to get her to see the error of her and her father’s ways. Now in the enemy stronghold with an ally, Jet set off to free the Phrox while Cap set off to free Ian. However, Ian found his adoptive father first and was completely ready to kill him. Luckily, Sharon Carter found her way into Dimension Z to save Captain America from certain death, but at the expense of Ian’s life.

Now, Agent 13 and a distraught Cap try to make their way for the exit, but Steve stops and realizes that he needs to go back for Jet. During the rescue mission, Arnim Zola, who is none too happy with what Captain America did to his children, intercepts them.

I have made my feelings on this Marvel NOW title quite clear in all my articles about it. I’m not a huge fan of the direction they’ve taken Captain America in and I feel like this story arc has gone on for far too long. However, issues eight and nine have piqued my interests a bit. Since we’re at the climax of this story now, there’s a ton more action going on. The majority of this arc has just unbearably dragged on, but now that we’ve gotten to the meat of the story, I find myself more invested in what’s going on, especially after Sharon shot Ian.

By far, this issue of ‘Captain America’ was probably the best one so far. It had plenty of great action and some heart-breaking drama. The last few pages in particular were terribly sad. Hero or villain, this issue managed to show that all humans have the capacity to love, even if the human’s consciousness is stuck in a robot.

With only one issue left in this arc, I’ll stick around until the end. I’ve been reading this long, so why not? I assume that Sharon, Steve, and Jet’s escape will be included in the next issue, but what happens beyond that will determine whether or not it’s worth keeping the title on my pull list. Since Captain America is my favorite hero, I have high hopes, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something interesting is coming.

Final Score:



Written by Rick Remender
Art by John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Scott Hanna, Tom Palmer, & Dean White