Since 2001, Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ franchise has been one of the highest selling shooter games that the video game industry has ever seen. Much of ‘Halo’s success can be attributed to the games deep story and unique world. In this futuristic world, the one thing that stands out aside from the games wide array of weaponry, are the games vehicles. Fans of the ‘Halo’ games will tell you, few games have vehicles as memorable as the ones seen in this franchise like the Warthog Jeep, the Pelican Dropship, and the Mongoose Quad! This is probably why the team over at Dark Horse Deluxe, which is Dark Horse Comics collectibles division, has been working on a series of miniature scale vehicle replicas from the ‘Halo’ franchise! Today we are taking a look at one of those replicas, more specifically the New York Comic Con Exclusive Silver Edition UNSC Pelican Dropship!

This 6″ tall replica of the UNSC Pelican Dropship is a thing of true beauty! The highly refined sculpt perfectly captures every minute detail of the ship. From the rear thrusters to the tiny curves and grooves in the windshield, no detail was overlooked in the designing of this ship replica. Again, this is the New York Comic Con Exclusive Silver edition, so the paint apps are pretty basic on this version, with a nice shiny silver tone across the entire body of the ship and a light black wash over it. The standard release of the ship features a much more detailed paint design that makes it look as if the ship flew right out of the game and into your collection! This particular NYCC Exclusive Silver variant is limited to just 300 pieces world wide.

The UNSC Pelican Dropship comes packed in a nicely designed box, featuring an image of the replica itself on the front, an image of the ship “in game” on the back, and the stars of ‘Halo 5’, Master Chief and Spartan Locke, on either of the two sides. Inside the box, the ship is packed safely and securely inside a sealed styrofoam insert, as not to be broken while still packed up. This packaging is pretty standard for most collectibles of this nature, but the use of game art for the sides of the packaging is a nice touch!

This 6” ship replica comes with a well crafted display stand that is both beautifully simple and elegant. The display stand is a solid black with the UNSC emblem on it in white, with a single metal rod protruding upwards to support the ship for display purposes. Obviously, the ship is removable from this display stand, but we can’t imagine any reason you would want to take it off aside from looking a bit closer at the details of the sculpt below the ship!

No matter what angle you are looking at this thing from, it looks fantastic! The team at Dark Horse Deluxe have really outdone themselves with this new line of ‘Halo’ ship replicas if this is the kind of quality we can expect from the rest of the line. This 6” UNSC Pelican Dropship replica is a perfect representation of the ship from the game, and feels like it’s bringing a tiny piece of the ‘Halo’ universe into the real world.

Overall, Dark Horse Deluxe’s ‘Halo’ UNSC Pelican Dropship Replica does not disappoint! The design of the ship from the game has been flawlessly translated into a gorgeous collectible for you to take home and add to your display. This ship replica is a great piece for any gamer or fan of the ‘Halo’ franchise. While this NYCC Exclusive Silver Variant is no longer available, you can still pick up the standard release from Dark Horse Deluxe here!

Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5 Atoms