How massive is DC’s next crossover event?  So important that it’s shelving all of their titles for two months and will only publish the weekly, 9-issue miniseries and 40 tie-n two-issue minis.  ‘Convergence’ will introduce a new villain named Telos and will spin out of the conclusions of two current miniseries, ‘The New 52: World’s End’ starring Batman Beyond and ‘Earth 2: World’s End’.

‘Convergence’ is written by television veteran Jeff King (‘White Collar’, ‘Continuum’, ‘Stargate SG-1’), who is new to comics, as publisher Dan DiDio explains “Because this involved so much deep lore and fiction from DC Comics, it was great to have someone come in with a fresh set of eyes to look at it and make sure that it’s as open and accessible to all fans, not just the people who have been reading DC throughout the years.”  The zero issue will be co-written by Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobell is assisting with the overall story.

Telos is created by Brainiac on an alien planet and takes on the traits of that planet before embarking on his mission.  Brainiac himself factors into the story as well, specifically his penchant for shrinking alien cities and encasing them in bottles, the way he did the Kryptonian city Kandor.  It turns out that not only has he been gathering these cities from various worlds, but throughout time and from different parallel worlds.  He then takes them outside of the space time continuum and begins restoring them to normal size to see what happens when these beings encounter one another.

DiDio states, “It captures the full essence and scope of DC’s incredible history and storytelling.  There is a story and a character for every generation of DC Comics fan.”

He then cryptically adds, “We’re picking up at points of their lives where we left them and finding out what’s gone on with them since then.”  So, the beings in the story are ones that we’ve encountered before?  Perhaps from the DC Universe pre-New 52?  Or even pre-Crisis?

It looks that way, judging by the promo art that DC released, which shows 90s era DCU with Hal Jordan as Paralax, Azrael as Batman, Aquaman with long hair and harpoon hand and Steel; pre-Crisis Earth 2 with (older) Jay Garrick as The Flash, Alan Scott as Green Lantern along with Power Girl, Jade and Obsidian; the pre-Crisis Crime Syndicate; pre-Crisis Earth 4 with Captain Atom, The Question and Ted Kord as Blue Beetle; Gen 13, presumably from the Wildstorm continuity; fairly normal looking Batman with Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and presumably Alfred (although he could pass for The Penguin); the Tangent universe characters; the ‘Flashpoint’ universe and more.

Co-publisher Jim Lee explains, “What we’re really addressing is they all exist and have existed and exist within the framework of the New 52.  ‘Convergence’ is in many ways the most meta epic event we’ve done.”

The big question becomes, will any of these “lost” characters return on a permanent basis?  Fans are still stinging over the rash of “shock” deaths over the past several years, including Sue Dibny and Ted Kord, not to mention certain characters that have seemingly been eliminated with no fanfare like Donna Troy.  Will the multiverse return permanently?

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to this event?  What would you like to see result from ‘Convergence’?


Source: USA Today