“Mom?  Mom?”  That was how the first half of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 ended, as Rick led the surviving zombie blood-covered Alexandrians out into a herd of walkers, nicely maintaining his perfect record of showing up to a nice, safe, peaceful settlement of survivors and blowing it all to sh**.  And speaking of blowing it all to sh**, cookie-grubbing brat Sam is single-handedly threatening to get everyone eaten after they went through all the trouble of smearing disgusting zombie guts all over themselves in order to pass through undetected.  Even baby Judith isn’t as big a dinner bell.  Look at the flowers, Sam.

The BIG event that most are looking forward to is the arrival of new Big Bad, Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  He does NOT appear, but his henchmen, The Saviors, do, just as they did in the extra scene that aired after the last episode; blocking the road to stop Daryl, Abraham and Sasha from crossing (nevermind that they were in a truck that could have easily flattened their motorcycles and Abraham was toting around a missile launcher).

If you’re looking for huge spoilers, unfortunately this teaser doesn’t deliver.  A lot of the footage is actually from the end of part one, with a few fresh exceptions.  There’s Rick swinging an ax.  Maggie screaming in… anger?  Horror?

Well, at any rate, you can watch for yourself below:

Sadly, there isn’t much revealed beyond what will presumably all take place in the first thirty minutes of the first new episode.  In the comic book, The Saviors and Negan open a whole new world of possibilities, including some unique developments for Carl.  The character Dwight– the blond dude that was with the two women that screwed over Daryl– does not appear, but he is a major player in this storyline in the comics, so presumably he will reappear and play a major role.

How will you cap off your Valentines Day?  Perhaps you’ll see a real heart… or one getting eaten.  ‘The Walking Dead’ returns on February 14, 2016!