When I finished reading the Flashpoint tie-in: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 earlier today I had to hop on Twitter and share my immediate thoughts. If you don’t follow me (and if you aren’t why not? hhhmmmm?) this is what I posted:

I was really excited to like this book. I kind of went into it thinking it was going to be like the Secret Seven tie-in; I only bought it for the Flashpoint pin. What did I like this book so much? Monsters fighting Nazis. Check. Frankenstein’s Monster being able to track down evil to do what is right. Check. Killer U.S. Army robots to dispose of the Monster Squad. Check.

This story kicks off in 1942 in the North Atlantic, with a team of U.S. Army soldiers, lead by Lt. Shrieve, searching for Nazis. What they find is probably the last thing anyone would have expected to see. Frankenstein’s Monster saving the day with a big old sword!

After saving Lt. Shrieve and his team, Frankenstein’s Monster joins up to help hunt down and kill Hitler. Of course Frankenstein’s Monster isn’t the only monster on the team, he is joined by the Creatures of the Unknown. The Creatures were created by a Dr. Mazursky and they include the likes of  vampire-like, wolf-like and amphibious human hybrids. After this team saves the world, the U.S. Government of course turns on them and puts them into stasis only to be forgotten about for decades. Now this team is loose in the new Flashpoint world, and they are looking for answers.

The art in this book is really good, Ibraim Roberson and his team do a great job with the action, character design and specifically the character’s eyes. If there was one issue I have with the art in this book it would be, at times Frankenstein’s Monster looks a little too much like the Incredible Hulk. He still looks pretty bad ass though and his sword is sweet. Hopefully when DC Direct gets to Series 2 of the Flashpoint figures Frankenstein’s Monster is included.

Ok, so of the eight Flashpoint tie-ins release so far, this one is a Top 3 (behind the Abin Sur book, and maybe just ahead of World of Flashpoint). I can’t wait to see what Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown will do in the modern world. So, make sure to check back next month for part 2 and Lt. Shrieve’s monster hunting decadence.