With all of the superhero and ‘Star Wars’ excitement recently, people might forget that we are fast approaching the return of HBO’s massive hit series ‘Game of Thrones,’ which I believe is set to return in April of 2016. While news might be scarce, we have learned a little from actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright about his character of Bran, who had been missing from Season 5 of ‘Thrones’ (due to the fact that his character had caught up to his book story by the end of Season 4, and had to wait for everyone else to get caught up).  However, he is coming back in a big way for Season 6 (and not just by cutting his hair, as seen above). According to a recent interview in EW, it seems his character may be extremely important to events in the new season:

“Previously Bran’s seen tiny glimpses of future or past but never has he been very much in control in the situation. Now we’re given looks into very important events in the past, present and future of this world and Bran is beginning to piece them together like a detective, almost as if he’s watching the show. Equally, he’s now discovering how crucial he could be in the Great War. It’s quite Inception-y.”

Furthermore, Hempstead-Wright also discusses his absence from Season 5, likening it to the period between episodes 5 and 6 of ‘Star Wars,’ where Luke fully learns how to be a Jedi and control his abilities, so when he came back for ‘Return of the Jedi,’ he would be in complete Jedi mode. He agreed with the decision for Bran to not be in Season 5, for in his words:

“I would have just been sitting in a cave going, ‘Oh, I can nearly do it now.”

With Bran’s abilities to see the past, present and future, and whatever other Warg-y powers he may have developed, I would be very interested to see how the show will use him going forward. They will clearly be doing some flashbacks (fingers crossed to see a young Ned Stark!), and foreshadowing for the end game of the series, which is very exciting to me.

What are your thoughts on the return of Bran to ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant