SPOILERS AHEAD if you are not caught up on ‘Arrow’ Season 4!

After the phenomenal (although in hindsight, not all that shocking) Winter Finale of ‘Arrow,’ fans are hungry for the show to return and pick up where it left off, revealing how badly Felicity was injured by Darhk’s men, and if somehow she will be the one to end up in the grave we saw in the season premiere. Luckily, the CW has been kind enough to release a new promo this week, showing us how Oliver is dealing with what has happened to his love. Fortunately, the rest of team, especially Diggle (who has worked with Oliver and Felicity the longest) is right there with Oliver and wants to help him get revenge for the violent attack on their resident hacker.

The promo reveals Oliver has gone on a quest to root out Darhk and bring him to justice with an intensity we have not really seen in him this season, especially as he speaks of how the longer they take to find Darhk the more the man can flee into the shadows. The promo is action packed, with lots of fight scenes and shots of the team working to bring down Ghosts, Anarky (who will clearly be returning in a big fashion in the latter half of the season),  and even what looks like an epic duel with Darhk himself. And all of the excitement is tempered with recurring discussions of Felicity and how she is doing, with words like surgery and shots of Oliver sitting down with Felicity’s mom in the hospital while the two of them await news.

But do not take my word for the excitement in the promo, check it out for yourself below, and then let us know your thoughts on ‘Arrow’s’ return in January, and theories on who might actually end up in the coffin, especially since I am fairly certain it will not be Felicity.

Oliver Queen seeks revenge when ‘Arrow’ returns with all-new episodes, Wednesday, January 20th on the CW!