Prior to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploding, the world of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ didn’t have super beings… or did it?  Episode 1 of ‘The Flash’ takes place both before and after Barry Allen’s visit to Starling City on ‘Arrow’.  Of course, upon his return home to Central City, Barry is a victim of a freak accident (or was it?) which granted him his super speed powers and, as the show unfolded, many others were also mutated by the same incident.

With Season Two kicking off on October 6th, the first season is coming to DVD and BluRay on September 22nd so fans can take a refresher or newcomers can familiarize themselves before the new episodes begin.  One of the extras on the home video release is a deleted scene from the pilot that hints at another DC super hero.

The scene takes place before the particle accelerator explodes, so Barry (Grant Gustin) is still a geeky forensics scientist with a fascination for unexplained occurrences.  This obsession causes him more than a few problems and puts him at odds with his adopted father Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), who as a police detective, is also Barry’s co-worker.

Watch the video below and see if you can pick out the Easter Egg:

In this scene, Joe attempts to dismiss Barry’s hair-brained mission and makes a throw-away comment that is much more than that if you are a DC Comics fan.

“Yeah, and last month you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a man who could talk to fish.”

Yes, this is a reference to Aquaman!  Of course, from the sound of things, Barry’s inquiry in Amnesty Bay didn’t pan out and since this scene was cut from the show, it could be written off as being out of continuity, allowing for a potential future appearance by the Justice League’s Sea King.

Aquaman, played by Alan Ritchson, was a recurring character on The CW’s previous hit super hero show ‘Smallville’.  The creators of that show attempted to craft a spinoff series for the character and shot a pilot, but recast the title role with Justin Hartley.  Unfortunately, The CW didn’t pick up the show and in future episodes, Ritchson returned playing Arthur “A.C.” Curry, while Hartley gained an even bigger role as series regular Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow.

And of course, ‘The Flash’ is a spinoff from current hit ‘Arrow’ featuring Green Arrow!  Funny how things come full… circle?  (That was more like a pretzel, but I digress…)

Since the TV shows take place in their own universe, versus the unfolding movie universe, wherein Jason Momoa will play Aquaman, there is no reason that the underwater ace couldn’t pop up on either show.

Would you like to see Aquaman appear on ‘The Flash’ or ‘Arrow’?  What approach would you like to see them take with him?

Source: Movie Pilot