RUMOR ALERT: This information is strictly RUMOR so take everything with a grain of salt.

Robin takes a lot of guff when it comes to those that are only familiar with the “Holy ____” version of the character from the classic 60s TV series.  But these days, Robin/Nightwing/whoever is in the role at the moment rivals the popularity of Batman when it comes to comics.  The comic book ‘Grayson’ starring the first Robin, Dick Grayson, has firmly landed on many folks’ list of the top comics of 2015 and DC even recently launched a new comic book ‘We Are Robin’ dedicated to the sidekick.  Since fans discovered that Ben Affleck was playing Batman in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’, many have been wondering how Robin would factor into the film.

Since the movie is borrowing heavily from the 80s comic ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ many figured the newly red-haired Jena Malone would be playing Carrie Kelly, the Robin from that storyline, but later revelations indicated that she  would actually be playing a more iconic character, Barbara Gordon.

But Robin, at least one of them, does factor into ‘Batman V Superman’ as a battered Robin costume was heavily showcased in early footage from the film.  Some speculated that somehow in the movies, a beaten Robin becomes The Joker, since the battle scars on the Robin costume seemed to match the wounds visible on Jared Leto’s How Will How Wphysique in ‘Suicide Squad’ photos.

That appears to have also been debunked.

The latest report is that the movie’s storyline will actually follow that of the comics.  Yes, there is a dead Robin.  And like in the comics, that Robin is the second, Jason Todd.  The first sidekick, Dick Grayson does exist and while there were earlier plans to include the character in the film, it seems those plans have been scrapped and that he will simply me mentioned.  Like in the comics, Grayson abandons the identity to become his own man, while Jason Todd adopts the guise.  In the comics, Todd was murdered by The Joker who beat him to death with a crowbar.  That part may be changed in the film, as Robin’s death appears to be a bit more theatrical, with his tunic being spray painted with the expression “Joke’s on you Batman.”

With potential plans for a ‘Titans’ movie, it’s perhaps best that Grayson was left alive, since he is essentially the focal character of those comics.

What do you think?  Do you think that having Robin become The Joker would have been a cool twist?  What do you think about having a legacy of Robins in the movies?

Source: Latino Review