Fellow fannibals will be happy to hear that Bryan Fuller still has hopes that ”Hannibal‘ will return and explains with the cast how the romantic ending to the series came about. While we always hear that Fuller wants the series to continue on it seems that every feasible option short of a movie has already been shot down so it should be interesting to see what his current take on how it could carry on is.

First off though let’s take a look at what the cast and crew have to say about the show’s current finale. Obviously, if you haven’t seen how the show comes to a close you’ll want to turn back now.

Still here? Okay. With how close both Graham and Lecter were with each other before the fall:

I’m sure that seems about right to anyone following the series. However, how about a future for Lecter and Graham? Well Fuller opened up on that as he said that:

“Martha [De Laurentiis] and I keep talking… I would love to let the show lie low for a few years, treat it like Sherlock on BBC. And then relaunch with Hannibal: Silence of the Lambs.”

However, we won’t see that happening as MGM owns the rights to the film and will doubtfully ever give it up:

“Silence of the Lambs is a perfect film, there’s not going to be a better film. And MGM feels the same way. So we would do it the same way we did Red Dragon… we’d flash back to him finding out about Jame Gumb.”

That sounds like a great way to do it but between rights issues and a lack of funding from anywhere, it seems doubtful that we’ll ever see the film come to life.

Are you looking forward to there being more ‘Hannibal’? Do you think it could happen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film