Just a reminder to our fellow Smallville and Supernatural fans – the midseason premieres will finally air this Friday, February 4th in their regularly scheduled time slots (8/7c & 9/8c respectively). 

We know the angst the CW Network caused when they decided to change their programming schedule last week; we felt it too.  Having waited for what seemed like endless weeks to watch the continuation of these two series, last week’s scheduling blunder was a slap in the face to dedicated Friday night lineup fans.  Whether the CW execs meant to or not, their hasty decision made many loyal viewers feel as though The Vampire Diaries and Nikita trumped our own shows.  But when the fans back lashed and turned against CW, there’s little doubt they realized the serious impact their hastily made decision had on countless fans.

Nevertheless, the shows continue this week with promises from CW’s head honchos that we’ll be given a shorter spring hiatus due to the scheduling delay.   Be sure to tune in to support the midseason premieres!