Fans will have to wait until next spring to see how DC’s big cinematic universe turns out– and judging by the mixed reviews of the ‘Batman V Superman’ trailer, it may not be to everyone’s liking– but for the time being, The CW is already delivering an entertaining and cohesive DC universe on a slightly smaller scale on its hit shows ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’.  There’s also CBS’ ‘Supergirl’, but for right now, that’s unrelated. ‘Arrow’ in particular has culled heavily from the comic book world of Batman, introducing baddies like Ra’s Al-Ghul, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, The Huntress, Dollmaker and almost Harley Quinn.

Could ‘Arrow’ ever score an appearance by the actual Dark Knight himself?  Star Stephen Amell thinks it’s within the realm of possibility.

“Well, I mean, the short answer is yes, of course. Within the DC Universe, if they are in the DC Universe, if you were to ask if Iron Man could come to Arrow, I would be like, ‘Well, no, probably not.

“But of course, The Joker could come to Arrow, Batman could come to Arrow, Superman could show up on The Flash. There’s a whole myriad of options because again DC and WB have a slate of films coming up, and those films happen, and maybe Arrow’s still around when they’re done. Or maybe there’s a change and people are just like, ‘You know what, let’s invest in something that’s doing well for us.’ So you never know.”

Star City sure is dark, but it looks like there’s still room for shade!  Was that Amell subtly hinting that the film universe may not go the way Warner Brothers (parent company of both DC Comics and The CW) expects?  Does he think they should throw greater support behind their hit shows and not so much into trying to carve out a slice of Marvel’s movie monopoly?  Or a declaration that ‘Arrow’ will outlast the movie forays?  Hmmmm.

Well, anyway… Now the big question is, if Batman were to pop up in Star City, who would win in a face off?  The Dark Knight or the Emerald Archer?

Without a doubt, Amell declared:

“Me!  What do you want me to say? Well, Batman’s more experienced and his costumes cooler, and Arrow’s just a ripoff, so Batman would win for sure. No, I would win, absolutely.”

Batman might have come first in the comics, but the current DC TV universe originated with Amell’s show ‘Arrow’.  It may be a longshot, but IF Batman were to ever appear, he would need to defer to this champion who has survived against impossible odds.

Would you like to see Superman or Batman on ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Flash’?

Source: Screen Rant