SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses the newest ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer and potentially the movie itself, so if you want to avoid SPOILERS, turn back now!

After having watched the ‘Batman V Superman’ trailer that Ben Affleck (a.k.a. Batman) presented on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, many new aspects of next year’s big super hero brawl have been revealed, perhaps most startlingly the appearance of Doomsday, the rampaging monster that killed Superman in the comics.  The creature’s presence in the film has been rumored for quite some time, with actor Michael Shannon (accidentally?) spilling some tidbits about fumbling with the prosthetics of his costume.  Shannon was, of course, General Zod in ‘Man of Steel’ so the idea of Lex Luthor somehow reanimating his corpse as Doomsday is something new to the film.

But this amped up creature sheds some light on Wonder Woman’s part in the film.  Despite the film being called ‘Batman V Superman’ a) we all knew that the two title heroes would only squabble for a bit before teaming up against a common foe and b) Wonder Woman had a significant, if possibly small, part in the big clash.  And the trailer basically spells things out.  We don’t necessarily know where Diana (Gal Gadot) comes from, but she certainly plays a major role in the final battle as she uses her shield to deflect Doomsday’s heat vision (and, er… heat breath?).

We also know, from seeing prior photos that Diana in her non-super identity encounters Bruce Wayne at some sort of formal gala.  There are also rumors that she will be on a quest to find her magical sword, which she is seen wielding in the clip.

One rumor that may not pan out, though is that Batman is supposedly making a cameo in ‘Wonder Woman’ which is said to take place before ‘Batman V Superman’.  The rumor stated that Batman confronts Diana after the climax of ‘WW’ to basically say “I know about you.”  However, that may have just been debunked by the trailer, in which both Batman and Superman seem perplexed by Wonder Woman’s arrival.  If Batman had previously encountered her, wouldn’t he have said “Yeah, she’s with me,” rather than asking Superman if she was with him?

Either way, get ready for a real knock-down, drag-out.  Like I said, in the comics, Doomsday killed Superman and that was after plowing through the Justice League.  (Granted, it was a weaker version of the team, with The Martian Manhunter disguised as Bloodwynd as the most powerful member.)  It looks like Wonder Woman’s supernatural/godly weapons may hold the key to victory, as in the comics, it is established that Superman is not immune to the effects of magic.

What did you think of Wonder Woman’s introduction in the trailer?  Is it an entrance befitting a princess?

Source: Cinema Blend