In a few short days movie audiences will finally get to experience the world of ‘Tomorrowland,’ but one thing they won’t get is this post credit sequence from screenwriter Damon Lindelof. In an interview with IGN, Lindelof revealed his idea that would have featured Samuel L. Jackson and tied the film to other Disney franchises:

“My pitch was that there was going to be a post-credits scene in ‘Tomorrowland ‘and at the very end of the movie, if you watch the credits, there’s a pin and you see someone picking it up. And the reveal would be that Sam Jackson, wearing an eye patch and holding a lightsaber and he looks sort of befuddled – maybe a Frozone uniform – and he goes ‘I’m in this one too?’ And bam, cut to black.”

Now picture it: Samuel L. Jackson in a Frozone uniform from ‘The Incredibles’ holding Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber from ‘Star Wars: Episodes I-III’ with an eye patch over his left eye like Nick Fury in the MCU picking up the ‘Tomorrowland’ pin. That would have been epic!

As amusing as this sounds, director Brad Bird did get a good chuckle out of it but the idea didn’t go any farther than that.
What did dawn on me, however, is that I never realized how connected Jackson was to the Disney brand making that line “I’m in this one too?” that much funnier. I guess this post credit scene will just have to go into the nethersphere next to James Gunn’s original post credit idea for Stan Lee.

You can watch the entire interview below with Lindelof talking about his idea at the 1:58 mark.

Do you wish Lindelof’s idea would have been added to ‘Tomorrowland’ or think that the idea is too silly to be included? Let us know in the comments below!