Marvel Entertainment has started promoting big changes coming this May to their comic line with the above teaser video. It seems with great change comes great enthusiasm as creative teams will kick off new stories on new books with classic characters. And I do mean classic.

In the last decade Marvel has mixed up their headlining characters in some interesting ways. The second-string hero Falcon moved up to the big leagues taking over the title of Captain America. Thor’s old girlfriend become the new Thor. A young African American girl took over for Tony Stark as Iron Man (and so did Doctor Doom) while Peter Parker was doing his own Tony Stark impression running an international company called Parker Industries. We even had a Korean-American Hulk and a female Wolverine. Now Marvel is reinstating all the white guys to their former roles.

Marvel fresh startThe “Fresh Start” is meant to be a jumping on point for new readers that Marvel no doubt enjoys from the popularity of their Cinematic Universe. Editor in chief C.B. Cebulski says the relaunch will feature the biggest line-wide change in artistic talent since 2012’s Marvel Now! relaunch. The only book with specific details provided is the new ‘Avengers’ book. The team roster includes the classic Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, who has just recently regained the title along with a hammer, along with Black Panther, Hulk (previously She-Hulk), Captain Marvel, and Ghost Rider. There is also a rotating member to highlight other characters which is initially filled with Doctor Strange.

Seeing how the issue kicking off the new team is Avengers #1, it’s clear that Marvel is abandoning the recent “Legacy” renumbering of issues which fans found very confusing. Check out Marvel’s “Fresh Start” this May.