While not guaranteed to direct ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp‘ quite yet Peyton Reed (‘Yes Man’,’The Break-Up’) has opened up a little bit about what we can expect from the film. The details came out while promotion for the ‘Ant-Man‘ Blu-ray and DCD release on December 8th was in full swing and while he obviously couldn’t give away plot details, there was some juicy overall story elements that he was able to share which fans may find interesting.

While things have changed for the Ant-Man and Wasp that we’ll be seeing on the big screen, it looks as if one key element will be involved in the cinematic story line:

“That was one of the things that was important to me in the first movie when I came on was emphasizing the Wasp more, both Hope Van Dyne and Janet Van Dyne. It’s a crucial part. It’s a crucial part because in the comic books, with the exception of the first handful of Ant-Man stories, Wasp came on pretty early on in the comics in the ’60s and you really thought of them as a partnership, a romantic partnership as well as a hero team. It’s going to be fun to play around with all the aspects of that in this movie.”

Love will be in the air as we’ll see these two not only trying to work together but most likely work around the fact that they are strongly attracted to one another. Of course it isn’t just a possible romance that Reed has in mind when bringing the Wasp more into the forefront on the big screen:

“It’s such a no-brainer that there needs to be female heroes. It’s about keeping the stories interesting and having fresh stories to tell. I always like that about Ant-Man and Wasp because it dealt with gender politics as well as superhero stuff. In the comics, particularly in the ’60s comics, the Janet Van Dyne Wasp was clearly written by all men and was pretty one-dimensional. She’s gotten much more dimensionalized since then. That’s one of those things that I think is going to be really exciting and fresh about this movie. You do feel a certain amount of responsibility. At the end of the day it’s organic to that character and the movie.”

Reed doesn’t just want to direct another Marvel movie though, as he has an untold story to tell with Wasp:

“It’s been important to me in all my movies. It’s a huge part of ’Bring It On,’ strong female characters, and ’Down With Love’ is a movie about feminism. So to me it’s something that I’m just psyched to be able to explore in this movie.”

I strongly suspect that part of what we’ll be seeing in the ‘Ant-Man’ sequel will be working to bring Janet van Dyne back to the realm of the living though what all of these years trapped in the Quantum Realm will have done to her seems like it could be a whole other question which may very well lead into a third film.

Are you looking forward to Peyton Reed’s ideas on ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’? Do you think he has a solid grasp of how he wants the characters to move forward? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ will be flying into theaters on July 6, 2018

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