Neill Blomkamp (‘Elysium‘,’Chappie‘) has made a name for himself in unique science fiction films and Fox looks to be having him both write and direct their upcoming tale ‘The Gone World’. The film is to be based off of the upcoming Thomas Sweterlitsch novel by the same name which Fox has just picked up the rights to. This is only Sweterlitsch’s second novel though his first, ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow’ started off strong and has been picked up to be turned into a film by TriStar. Not much else is in play yet about the cast and crew though it has been announced that Chernin Entertainment is producing.

The novel adaptation was in contention by multiple studios and Fox seemed to have a leg up as Sylvie Rabineau of RWSG who brokered the deal had also just closed a deal on Kazu Kibuishi’s ‘Amulet’ graphic novel series as a possible film franchise.

The novel’s synopsis hasn’t been announced yet though the early details are that it “is a sci-fi time travel procedural.” Time travel films have always been hit or miss on finding an audience but the ones that have worked either have been blockbuster successes such as ‘The Terminator’ or have received critical acclaim.

With Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film having been delayed due to Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus‘ follow ups it seems that Fox wants to keep him active in the type of science fiction he enjoys and this seems to be the exact type of film he would love to do with his past work in the genre.

Are you looking forward to Neill Blomkamp’s next foray into science fiction? Would his working with time travel sound like something that can hold you over until his Alien film can go into production? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline