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HBO’s upcoming ‘Watchmen’ series has been shrouded in mystery, but one huge revelation has surfaced: the identity of Jeremy Irons‘ character, who happens to be one of the most important figures from the original graphic novel and its 2009 film adaptation.  The series is set several years after the original tale and Irons will portray Adrian Veidt, otherwise known as Ozymandias, the “smartest man in the world,” who concocted an elaborate fake alien invasion in an effort to unite the governments of the world.  On top of this reveal, comes news of Jean Smart’s character, who may also be a character from the comics.

We know that in this reality, Veidt has been declared legally dead.  It’s possible that he faked his death or perhaps all of his scenes will be flashbacks.  At some point, he will have taken refuge in an English manor, where his needs are attended by head servant, Mrs. Crookshanks, and butler, Bernard.

Below is a previously released casting director for Irons’ character, referred to at the time as “The Blond Man.”

”… highly intelligent and won’t let you forget it. Think William Hurt with slight Asperger’s. He’s used to being obeyed and always correct. Arrogant, erudite and patrician. Physically fit, he’s never missed a workout in his life.”

Matthew Goode portrayed Veidt in the film version.

The ‘Watchmen’ cast also includes Jean Smart, who “is playing an FBI agent tasked with tracking down vigilantes, which makes sense in a world where superheroes have been outlawed.”  Her character’s name is Agent Blake and it is believed that she will somehow be related to Edward Blake, also known as The Comedian in the original story.  In the graphic novel, it is implied that The Comedian is the biological father of Laurie Juspeczyk, the second Silk Spectre, who was played in the film by Malin Akerman.  Does that mean that Smart is playing an older version of that character?  Could Laurie have discovered that Edward Blake was her father and changed her last name accordingly?

Also featured on the show are Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Adelaide Clemens, Frances Fisher, Louis Gossett Jr., Andrew Howard, Don Johnson, Regina King, Jacob Ming-Trent, Tom Mison, Tim Blake Nelson, Dylan Schombing, Sara Vickers, and James Wolk.  It is believed that King portrays the show’s lead character.

Damon Lindelof is producing the show and is credited as its creator.  The original comic story was written by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons.  It is unknown when ‘Watchmen’ will arrive on HBO, but it is believed that it will be some time in 2019.

Source: /Film