Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the film ‘The Apparition’ and it just goes to show that a horror film is not complete without the obligatory “girl in lingerie about to be scared” scene.

The trailer does a good job of setting up the film.  In the beginning we learn that a group of students have conjured up an entity while conducting a parapsychology experiment trying to prove the theory that ghosts and other phenomena can be created by the human mind. When a young couple (Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan) begin to experience strange occurrences in their home, they find out it is the place where the students had performed the tests and ask a supernatural expert (Tom Felton) to help free them from this terrifying force.

Yes, the story is a bit trite and the movie makes use of traditional narrative film making as well as the ever popular found footage but if you’re in the mood for an old fashioned ghost story, then ‘The Apparition’ may be the film for you.

Check out the trailer below:

‘The Apparition’ Trailer:

‘The Apparition’ stars Ashley Greene (‘The Twilight Saga’ movies, ‘Pan Am’), Sebastian Stan (‘Captain America: The First Avenger,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’), Tom Felton (‘Harry Potter’ movies, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’) and Luke Pasqualino (‘Blood and Chrome,’ ‘Skins’) and will be in theaters on August 24th.

Source: Collider