We’ve known for awhile that the end is near for Discovery’s ‘Mythbusters,’ so with the last day on set being over we had a few moving goodbye posts that Adam Savage has been able to share, including a nice surprise from his long term partner Jamie Hyneman.

First up is his final tweet about the show with a bittersweet goodbye after 14 years of delighting audiences with some absolutely amazing creative research:

But how about when he’s not in the field committing such amazing research as to how to blow things up or how durable things can be? Well there was some old fashioned research and planning that had to be done and this is where Adam did his thinking:

That’s what it looked like prior to the filming of the last episode of course. These days? It is a little emptier as Adam packed up to move out:

That is a bit of sadness right there with the end of an era in sight. Of course working on ‘Mythbusters’ clearly wasn’t all work and this is how Adam played in his downtime:

The wrap party was a probably an emotional one but even though Adam and Jamie have never been friends during their long working career together, Hyneman gave him a great gift to say goodbye:

Adam wasn’t the only one to get a gift though as he gave pieces of Buster away to all of the crew who were in attendance!

January 9th, 2016 is when we’ll be able to watch the final episodes begin to air and I’m sure they have a ton of fun myths to bust in their last season. Hopefully the end of this journey will just be the beginning of a new one for all of the cast and crew involved on the series.

Source: Cinema Blend.