The episodes of this season’s ‘Game of Thrones’ may be winding down, but the action and intrigue are ramping up at a feverish pace. As fans of the books may know, the third season has been slated to encompass roughly the first half of the third book of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, entitled ‘A Storm of Swords.’ If last week’s love fest was the calm, the teaser for ‘Second Sons’ promises an eighth episode ushering in the beginning of the storm.

There are only three episodes left until rabid fans of the show enter the long winter between seasons, and plenty of book fans have their theories on where this season will end. But with just the right amount of plot points differing from the books, it’s anyone’s guess where our heroes will end up in three weeks’ time. This teaser should sufficiently whet appetites and get audiences through the week, but after the season’s over… well, fans can pass the time by reading the books (again) or playing the board game, both of which have been clocked at taking up several months.

Will Arya make good on crossing off one name from the death prayer she chants every night? Can the Lord of Light grant Stannis a personality? Is Joffrey conveying near-speechless rage… or fear?

The world will find out on HBO this Sunday evening, May 19th.