The final ‘Jessica Jones‘ trailer is at last here, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. Everything we have seen in the other trailers delves perfectly into the tone of this trailer, where we finally see some real scenes and dialogue from star Krysten Ritter, as well as a lot more interaction between her and her co-stars. Of note in particular is David Tennant’s Purple Man, whose presence is felt throughout the trailer, and whose dialogue and delivery is particularly creepy and condescending, making him seem a perfect villain for Jessica, who seems just damaged enough to make a compelling yet strong character, who audiences will clearly root for. Also of note is how much Mike Colter is featured in the trailer, both as Jessica’s friend and later her lover, with every visual on screen of the man making it more and more obvious that he was the perfect choice to play Luke Cage.  Lastly, though we only see her briefly, it was a thrill to see Carrie-Ann Moss in the trailer, as something about just her presence alone makes the project seem that much more grounded and realistic, and I cannot wait to see more scenes with her and Ritter interacting.

As for the plot revealed in the trailer, we definitely see a lot of Jessica kicking ass and drinking, even explaining that she gets through the stress of her life with whiskey. We also see a lot of the Purple Man’s power at work, revealing that he can control more than one mind at a time with scenes of an entire police precinct caught up in his power, as well as one cop about the commit suicide due to his influence. We also got an iconic shot of the ‘Alias Investigation’ sign, and some scenes of Luke Cage playing barkeep as Jessica drinks, setting up how the two characters get to know one-another.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Check it out below, and then make your opinions known in the comments section!