We’re still getting over the excitement of the season finale of ‘The Flash,’ but what has us more excited was what was happening when Barry was using the particle accelerator to go back in time. So, let’s jump right into what Barry saw and what that could potentially mean for the future of the character and the show. (apologies if some of these are out of order)


At first I did think this was a shot of Barry’s father, but on closer inspection it is Barry, and I can’t help but wonder if Barry ending up in jail might be an unintended consequence of what would have happened if he had stopped his mother’s murder (i.e. instead of his father being incarcerated and breaking up the family, it would be Barry). Unless, of course, this is hinting at some sort of world trial against the Flash due to his actions opening a black hole over Central City, but for that we’ll have to wait to see what Season 2 brings.


With the appearance of Jay Garrick’s helmet in the finale, and the shot of the “Flash Museum” (which in the comics showcased items from the careers of all 3 Flashes, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West), the show might be hinting at the appearance of other Flashes from the past or the future, which would be exciting if there was an episode featuring all 3 generations of the Flash. It wasn’t until after the finale that we learned that the Multiverse will be explored in Season 2, so this could be some foreshadowing for the next season.


This would have been so much more exciting if we had not just gotten a full trailer for the new show, instead just seemed like a bit of a tie-in/ set-up, making sure we knew it was coming and that Barry would be involved. Also helps set up the idea of timelines and the place those heroes will have in maintaining it during their series.


While not very clear or memorable, it is important to note that he saw Joe in his vision (not even Iris was seen), which makes me slightly worried that something might happen to Barry’s adoptive father in the near future. Let’s just hope that Joe was only in there to remind Barry of what he would lose if he had chosen to save his mother.


These were more in line with the plot happening at the moment, as Barry honed in on the time he wanted to jump into, but were still memorable nonetheless, reminding us of the Pilot episode and Barry’s history with his mom.


Arguably the most exciting of all the visions, as it clearly shows Caitlin fully powered up in her super-villain persona, and begs the question, is this what Caitlin will become? Or is this an alternate reality? In discussing the transition from Caitlin to Killer Frost, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently said in an interview with EW:

“That’s the fun for us as writers, but hopefully for the audience too, that especially with characters like Caitlin and Cisco there is a certain level of expectation after we very specifically gave them the names we gave them and how that’s going to turn out. You’ve got Wells telling Cisco that he was affected, but when we saw in the speed force, we saw Caitlin really and truly affected. Whether that happens next year or the year after that, we’ll have to wait and see what the speed force tells us to do.”

Either way, it’s exciting to know there will be some major character developments for Caitlin in the near future, though I think I’m not the only one hoping that when she turns into a super-villain, she will not be forever damned to be a evil.

What are your thoughts on Barry’s visions? Are they destined to happen/ have already happened? Or could these be those pesky alternate timelines we keep hearing about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook.com, Cinemablend