You spend hours skimming the same article again and again on Wikipedia, rereading chapters in ‘A Brief History of Time’ or watching the expository scenes in various science fiction media to little or no avail. Many of us can agree that wrapping our brains around the concept of Special Relativity, particularly time dilation, can be agonizing. The concept is so cool, but are we going to look cool when we explain SR to impress someone we’re interested in?

Like many a video tutorial of late, the best ones are typically done by the nation’s youth, providing simplified answers to the questions that complicate our maturing brains.

18-year-old Ryan Chester created an outstanding video explaining Einstein’s theory titled “Some Cool Ways to Understand the Special Theory of Relativity and What it Means About Time.”

And believe me, these are some cool ways. Take a look:

Chester’s video was so well done it won the 2016 Breakthrough Junior Challenge Award worth a total of $400,000. The Breakthrough Prize Foundation and the Khan Academy awarded Chester with $250,000 and awarded his teacher with $50,000. Furthermore, $100,000 was given to Chester’s school to create a customized science lab.

Not only is Chester’s knowledge of the subject pretty impressive, his knack for filmmaking and entertainment could definitely make him a future Carl Sagan, Bill Nye or Beakman.

Source: Tech Insider