In 2017 ‘The Witcher‘ is going to show up on the big screen from the producers of ‘The Mummy’. Now before you start shouting about another video game adaptation being horribly done as I wanted to, this is actually going to be based off of the novels and short stories Andrzej Sapkowski which is how the entire series started. Sure, the game trilogy is probably why most of you know about the witcher known as Geralt of Rivia but this film is going to be based firmly from the written word. Sean Daniel Company and Platige Films are working together to bring this monster hunting story to the big screen and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they had a franchise in mind when they do it.

‘The Witcher’ follows Geralt who is man that has supernatural abilities. He travels the lands slaying, capturing, or curing monsters depending on the case.

The first film in the potential series won’t be based off of any specific novel either but instead is set to be inspired by the short stories ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Lesser Evil’ which were both released in the collection titled ‘The Last Wish’. On top of that there might be a television series being spawned off of it as well which would tie into the films which they already have being penned by Thania St. John (‘Grimm’,’Eureka’).

The Sean Daniel Company has previously produced the last ‘Mummy’ series with Universal so it wouldn’t surprise me if we come up with a film that relies heavily on CGI over practical effects. That thought is almost going to be confirmed as Platige Films was responsible for the cinematic cut scenes for all three of ‘The Witcher’ video games. With that in mind I would expect that even if the films aren’t tied into the video game mythology that we’ll get echos of the look and style from the video games bleeding in through the entire movie.

Are you looking forward to an adaptation of ‘The Witcher’ for the big screen? Are you glad they are going with the original material or would you have preferred they based it off of the first game? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant