Fans of Syfy’s ‘Helix‘ are going to be disappointed that after a strong second season with one hell of a cliffhanger the Sony Picture Television series has been cancelled. However, the ratings highly out shadowed the rising quality of the show as less were tuning in each week to see how the CDC members were working to save the world. There won’t be a third season of plagues, outbreaks, and more for us to see them save the Earth from. While there is no word of it being considered, it’d be great if the network would green light a mini-movie to clear the air a little.

That’s the kind of thing that wins over genre fans!

Still, with ratings as low as they were it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that ‘Helix’ is going away. The second season had an average of 563,000 total viewers with the season, now series, finale only having 440,000 viewers. That is far under the 1.8 total viewers that grew to 2.8 million from the first season. When ‘12 Monkeys‘ is just killing it ratings wise and new shows about to start such as ‘The Expanse’ and ‘Childhood’s End,’ it only makes sense that the network would have to cut the fat.

It really is a shame that we’ll never see a full resolution to all of the questions we’ve been given up until now. Who knows, maybe Netflix will pick it up or one of the comic companies will work out a deal to create some true closure for the show.

What are your thoughts on ‘Helix’? Did you think that the show had enough merit to deserve a third season or had you dropped off from watching it and are glad that Syfy is opening up a time slot for another show? Which of the mysteries would you specifically like the show’s creators to clear up if given a chance? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter