(SPOILER ALERT: Possible ‘Walking Dead’ SPOILERS below!)

This is the age we live in.

Garret Dillahunt is a versatile, talented and handsome actor, whose work ranges from dark and gritty on shows like ‘Justified’ and ‘Deadwood’ to sharply comedic on programs like ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘Raising Hope’.  He would be an asset to any show, regardless of the tone.

But apparently, according to his Twitter, he also has time to kick back and read:

Oh so he’s a ‘Walking Dead’ fan?  So are millions of others.  That’s neat and all but not news, is it?  Or is it? Shortly afterward, two cast members of the show, Alanna Masterson (Tara) and John Carroll Lynch (Eastman) started following Dillahunt on Twitter.  But the kicker came when showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who only follows 301 people, started following him.  And in quick succession, Dillahunt began following Gimple and The Walking Dead’s official account. Fans scrutinized this activity and pieced things together with one tweeting this image:

Dillahunt played dumb when responding to the pic of a wooden baseball bat wrapped in barb wire:

Dillahunt replied “Harley Quinn?” referencing Margot Robbie’s comic book role in ‘Suicide Squad’ who has been shown slinging a metal bat (no barb wire, though).

Buuuuuuuuut, then there’s the little angel emoji, a flashing sign that he is holding something back.

Like, maybe a big wooden bat wrapped in barb wire.

It’s been very loudly rumored that this season would see the introduction of Big Bad Negan, the biggest thorn in Rick’s side since The Governor and the man that killed original survivor Glenn.  (By bashing his head in with the aforementioned baseball ball, whose name is Lucille, by the way.)  That’s why for fans who read the comics, Glenn’s apparent death in “Thank You” wasn’t all that shocking beyond the way and time in which he died.  It was coming soon anyway.

Casting calls for new characters for the show have hinted at the show possibly seeking to add Negan this season, most likely in the last episode as a set up for Season Seven.

And it just so happens that the book Dillahunt tweeted a picture of, kicking off this flurry of speculation, contains the issue in which Negan and Lucille sauntered into the storyline.  So there’s a red flag for ya.

IF Dillahunt is playing Negan, what do you think of this casting?  Negan is an unusual character.  He walked in and killed a beloved major character… yet he’s so hilarious fans can’t help but love to hate him.  Dillahunt has excelled at both comedy and dark drama.  This could be perfect!  He isn’t quite as stocky as the comic book version, but that’s not exactly a deal breaker.

What do you think?  Would Garret Dillahunt make a good Negan?

Source: Cinema Blend