Remember that horrendous ‘Warcraft’ movie from 2016?  No?  No one does outside of China, since that was the only place anyone went to see it.  Well its director, Duncan Jones, thinks he has the key to Warner Brothers’ upcoming ‘Green Lantern Corps’, which he is not directing. Because social media.

Granted, the 2011 ‘Green Lantern’ was no gem.  But still, Jones thinks he knows how to how to make ‘Green Lantern Corps’ work.


Duncan Jones
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock, Inc.

If you scroll through the comments, you’ll see “Warcraft is dumb” which… I mean yeah.

Actually, this was kind of the premise of Kyle Rayner, an artist who never used the same Lantern construct twice.  So, not exactly original and Rayner won’t be the focus of this movie.  WB has gone on record saying that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be the main characters.

Honestly, directors that have nothing but contempt for their subject matters shouldn’t be let anywhere near these sorts of projects.  And yet rumor has it that Jones is directing a ‘Star Wars’ movie.  That should be epic.  And by “epic,” I mean kinda like ‘Warcraft’, which was… uh yeah, awesome in China.  (So is eating dogs.  Just saying.)

What do you think?  Should Green Lantern be a dumb jock?

Source: Cinema Blend