The episode opens with Penny, Leonard and Raj discussing a new study saying kids who were popular growing up having trouble succeeding later in life,  and we learn that Raj believes he was very popular, though he admits it was mainly with his servants, who laughed at his jokes and sang to him (though he regrets never learning their names). Sheldon comes out after getting a text from Wil Wheaton, where he learned that Leonard Nimoy’s son is doing a documentary based on his father, and Wil recommended Sheldon to be a fan interviewed in the film. Sheldon asks Penny for advice on being in front of the camera, and she replies to not take your shirt off no matter what the director says, to which Sheldon reminds her that the documentary is on Leonard Nimoy, and any nudity would be tasteful.

At the Wolowitz house, Bernadette interrupts Howard’s video game time by opening up a discussion about redecorating the house as she does not feel like anything there is hers. Howard grew up in that house, and is adamantly against any changes, but Bernadette does not allow him to use his dad leaving or mom’s death to sway her against any renovations. They eventually compromise with Bernadette only redoing the dining room, and then re-evaluating with Howard whether or not they want to change anything else. Howard invites Raj over to take his side and help convince Bernie to leave things as is, but after speaking to Bernie’s dad who is doing the work for free, Raj switches sides, and offers helpful hints to Bernie and her dad on how to check to see whether a wall is load bearing and can be removed. Howard next finds himself under the house with Bernie’s dad, checking to see if the wall separating the dining and living room is load-bearing. As they get below the dining room, Bernie’s dad brings up the subject of children with Howard, saying the den would make a great nursery. Howard realizes that Bernadette’s dad thinks he does not want kids, and he tells him instead that it is Bernadette who does not want children, Howard would love for Bernie to get pregnant. Unfortunately, Bernie and Raj are right above the pair in the dining room, and can hear everything. To break off the conversation, Bernie pretends there is an earthquake and stomps on the ground, causing a cascade of dust and dirt to rain down on her dad and husband. Later at the kitchen table, Bernadette admits that she lied to her dad, and he and Raj exit so Howard and Bernadette can have an honest conversation about kids. Howard promises to help out more around the house, and assures her that when his dad left, he vowed to be a great dad whenever he had kids. Bernadette says she will think about it, and Howard offers to get the baby train moving upstairs, not realizing Bernie’s dad had re-entered room, quickly leaving when he heard Howard’s last words.

Wil Wheaton comes to the apartment with Adam Nimoy, both of whom are very excited to be filming with the quirky Sheldon, who Wheaton knows will be entertaining. The question arises of Nimoy memorabilia that Sheldon has, and he goes to the wall safe (Leonard had no idea there was a wall safe, a full floor safe, or a security camera in the Green Lantern statue, which makes him and Penny realize Sheldon has seen everything they have done on that couch) to show Adam Nimoy the signed napkin Penny gave him with Leonard Nimoy’s autograph and DNA (Sheldon does not count Adam as having Nimoy DNA, as he is only 50% Nimoy). While going through the contents of the safe, Sheldon pulls out the engagement ring he almost gave to Amy, and Penny and Leonard are floored that Sheldon almost proposed. Things go downhill for Sheldon from there, are he swears he is like Spock and emotionless, but it is clear he is still irked by Amy’s rejection of him. Later in the interview Penny points out to Sheldon that Spock was still half-human, and while he pretended to be emotionless and logical, he often did have real feelings. Her interjection starts Sheldon down to the road to thinking about Amy again during the interview, and he blows up at the camera, yelling about not caring anymore about Amy and then storming off into his room. He later emerges after Adam and Wil Wheaton have left, saying that he needed to end these emotions by proposing to Amy. She either says yes and they move past the break-up, or she says no and Sheldon is done with her. He approaches Amy’s apartment building, only to see her being led home by a recent date, with the gentlemen in question giving her a goodnight kiss outside her building. Crushed, Sheldon returns home.

While commiserating with Leonard while watching an old episode of ‘Star Trek,’ Sheldon berates Dr. Spock for lying to him all those years, as no one could ever be without emotions. Leonard suggests that Sheldon look to his friends for the support and guidance he once sought on television, and while Sheldon admits that Leonard’s words are good advice, he does state it would be more comforting coming from television.


SHELDON: This is a documentary about Mr. Spock. I’m sure if there is nudity it will be tasteful.

HOWARD: (arguing against Bernadette’s need to redecorate the make the house more her own) Of course it is your house! Why else would you be cleaning it all the time?

SHELDON:(on meeting Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam) I admire your father’s work very much. It’s not everyday I get to meet someone whose life journey began in my hero’s scrotum.
WHIL WHEDON: I told you this guy is GOLD.

HOWARD: (not realizing Bernadette’s dad has re-entered the room) Speaking of making babies, what do you say I wash up and then poke around your crawl space?

SHELDON: Those are very wise words. They’d just be so much more comforting if they came out of television.

Definitely feels like the main plots of the season are finally in motion, as I suspect Bernie will be pregnant before too long, and I know things between Amy and Sheldon are coming to a head. My guess is that Amy will find out about the engagement ring from either Leonard or Penny, and we might even see the Shamy re-united as part of the mid-season finale. Either way, good episode, always good to see Wil Wheaton, and I really enjoyed tying in Adam Nimoy’s documentary about his father, a project that I’m pretty sure is actually going on in real life. See you next week!