If you’ve been looking forward to Showtime bringing back ‘Twin Peaks‘ as much as I have then the fact that it is now being delayed until 2017 isn’t going to be good news for you. The news wasn’t announced in traditional means as it actually came out during the earnings call Tuesday from CBS Corp CEO Les Moonves. While Showtime’s president David Nevins had said that he hoped the show would drop in 2016 he had made it no secret that a delay could happen. From David Lynch‘s contract being resolved to the great news that the series has had added expansions on episodes, it is at least all for good reasons and not problems with production.

At this time we do know that Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have already written the episodes for the season, Lynch will be directing each of them, and that filming has already started in Washington. Initially the series was only set for nine episodes but the expanded order has many suspecting that we’ll see twelve when it is finally released though the exact number is still an unknown.

The new series is set to take place in modern times with 25 years having lapsed from the final events of the original show. While some of the mysteries will be explained, you can bet that Lynch is going to make us wait for some of the big reveals while new mysteries are brought to the forefront. So far, much of the original cast is returning including Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, and Dana Ashbrook as well as a few faces.

Are you sad that we have to wait even longer for the series to drop or happy that it is due to an extended season? What are you most looking forward to see resolved when ‘Twin Peaks’ finally does return? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line