It seems the fall season is beginning to separate the boys from the men, one might say, or in more industry terms, the winners getting a back 9 pick-up versus the losers getting their episode count cut. Top of the list at the moment is CBS’s ‘Limitless’ (based on the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper).

According to the network, the show is the #2 new series among total viewers, and has been garnering about 11.43 millions viewers each week, and is doing even better once the DVR crowd is factored in (estimates are that the show’s numbers increase by about 79% after DVR is factored in each week.) The show has lots to look forward to as the season continues, including the addition of Bradley Cooper to the show reprising his role from the movie, only now he’s a powerful politician and mentor to the show’s main character Brian Sinclair (played by Jake McDorman). The story revolves around Sinclair’s journey from inefficient everyman to something much more due to the introduction of the drug NZT, which I suppose might be striking a nerve with modern audiences, many of whom probably remember their experiences with Adderall while in their collegiate days and can relate.

CBS seems to have so much confidence in the show that is not only picking up the back 9 episodes, but is giving the show a full 22 episodes 1st season commitment,  which makes it pretty clear that ‘Limitless’ is high on the list of shows that will most likely be offered a second season. Other shows doing well this season include ABC’s ‘Dr. Ken’ and ‘Quantico,’ NBC’s ‘Blindspot,’ and Fox’s ‘Rosewood’ all of which have gotten more episodes ordered in recent weeks. Losers of the fall include ABC’s ‘Blood and Oil,’ NBC’s ‘The Player,’ and Fox’s ‘Minority Report,’ all of whom had their episode count reduced.

Are you watching any of the new winning shows this season? Share your opinions on the shows doing well, and those that are not, in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend