For anyone who saw ‘Agent Carter’ this week and spotted the wall hopping moves by Peggy’s neighbor Dottie and thought, ‘Hey, that kind of looked familiar,’ hold onto your hats. The producers of the show confirm that move was no coincidence, as according to producer Michele Fazekas, Dottie (who will be revealed as a Russian sleeper agent) “is a product of the Black Widow Program.” Yes, that Black Widow program, the same one that trained our favorite (and only) female Avenger, whose moves are so often put on display by Scarlett Johansson.

What’s interesting about the world of ‘Agent Carter’ is that it has so much more freedom, than say ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ because the whole story takes place in the relatively unexplored past of the MCU. So you can have a character that has received the same training from the same people as Natasha Romanov, and not have to worry about her connection to the Avenging Black Widow or whether or not the two have ever crossed paths. ‘Agent Carter’ has to be a smarter show about showing its connections to the MCU to be sure, but I believe it has done an excellent job so far of being part of the larger universe while also being its own world/story.

Since next week’s episode is titled ‘The Iron Curtain,’ I’m sure we’ll get more into Dottie’s mission and find out what the Russians have to do with the stolen Stark tech conspiracy, and with any luck we’ll actually get to see her fight Peggy Carter, as the producers have said they brought on Dottie to be a kind of foil for Pegggy, another bad-ass female super-spy more than capable of handling herself. I’m sure more so than any other character on the show we’ll see Dottie be a match for Peggy, and she might even be the driving force behind Peggy re-uniting with Stark and Jarvis, because Dottie might be a situation that she cannot handle alone.

Regardless of the circumstances, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. What do you think of the old school Black Widow idea? Sound off in the comments below.

SOURCE: Blastr