I’m starting to think Beyoncé might be a closet comic book fan!  In an interview a few years ago, she praised Lynda Carter’s (Sasha) fierce depiction of Wonder Woman in the classic 70s TV series.  At the same time, Beyoncé expressed her desire to portray a super hero in a film, mentioning that she’d love her own shot at playing the iconic Amazon Princess.

Then, this past weekend, Queen Bey showed up at fellow R&B star Ciara’s 30th birthday party at the Warner Bros. Studio lot decked to the nines as the X-Men’s Storm.  Now Beyoncé always looks incredible, but her Storm get-up, complete with supernatural-looking blue contacts, was particularly cosplay fabulous!

Comedian Jeff Dye, who attended the super hero-themed celebration as The Punisher, tweeted a selfie with the multiple award-winner noting that “I met Beyoncé tonight and she couldn’t have been more sweet. And shares my love of costumes.”

Check out the pics from Ciara’s super hero party below:

Super She’ros #itsmybday me @lala @beyonce @kellyrowland happy bday to me & @ciara

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As you can see, there was a mini-Destiny’s Child reunion as Beyoncé  appeared with Kelly Rowland who looked like she was dressed as Black Canary!

What makes Beyoncé’s costume X-tra cool is that it isn’t one of the more familiar looks sported by Halle Berry in the ‘X-Men’ movies, but is actually based on one of Storm’s comic book appearances, including the long flowing hair with stylized headdress, choker, fingerless gloves and long white cloak with red and gold X clasp!  That’s what’s called a “deep cut.”

Alexandra Shipp plays a teenage Storm in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ next year.  (Incidentally, Shipp’s big break was playing another R&B star, the late Aaliyah in a made-for-TV biopic.)  But should they make another movie with a mature Storm, someone should definitely give Beyoncé a call!

Heck, there were already talks that Marvel was actively looking to work with the superstar.  Even though 20th Century Fox handles the ‘X-Men’ film universe, technically Storm is still a Marvel character!  Surely something can be worked out!

How would you feel about a Storm Vs. Gambit movie?

Well, you’ll get something close!  Beyoncé will slug it out with the future movie ‘Gambit’ Channing Tatum on the hit Spike TV series ‘Lip Sync Battle’!  The air date hasn’t been announced, but the hit show– on which celebrities appear and “battle” one another by lip syncing their favorite songs, complete with flashy costumes and back up dancers– returns for a second season in 2016.

Yet another super hero slugfest will also occur on the show– Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell take their Vine face-off to national television in another episode!

What do you think of Beyoncé’s Storm cosplay? Does it rock you like a hurricane?